Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Seven Vachan of Hindu Marriage : The Key of Successful Marrige Life

Here are the seven vachans of seven pheres of a Hindu Marriage:

First vachan: The couple prays for pure nourishing food and a life of respect and noble deeds.

Second vachan: They pray for physical and mental strength and a healthy peaceful life.

Third vachan: It is for fulfillment of spiritual obligations.

Fourth vachan: It is for happiness and harmony through mutual love and trust and a long good life together.

Fifth vachan: It is to pray for the welfare of all living entities in the entire universe and for begetting noble children

Sixth vachan: It is for bountiful seasons all over the world. They pray for going through these seasons together in both joy and sorrow.

Seventh vachan: They pray for a life of understanding, loyalty, unity and companionship for themselves and especially for peace in the universe.

Any Couple Which  follow all seven vachan in deep of their heart are success

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