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In The Darkness Part_001

Antadu Story: In The Darkness Part_001
I woke up feeling Sick my throat burned as though I ate a fire ball, as I sat straight my head spinning I noticed I was in a room which WAS NOT MINE. It was huge room with lot of windows, a wardrobe in the other corner of the room, a beautiful fireplace and the bed was large enough for 6 people, ''Damn it. Where the hell I am? I murmured. I was still wearing my gym clothes thank God, as I remember I was going for my gym class...then everything went black, I thought my throat still burning, I got out of the bed the room smelled like was clean very clean, getting more scared I took few steps forward.

THEN the door of the room opened and I saw the most beautiful man alive ''SHIT HE WAS PERFECT with his tall height, his eyes were blue as the ocean, his pink lips had a smile on them, wearing a black velvet jacket making him look even more handsome, BUT why was he here? who is he? clicked in my brain. I stepped back and grabbed the Jar next to me on the table.

''I wouldn't do that if I were you'' he said smiling his voice deep and yet most precious.
HE walked towards me, a shiver took over me I tightened my grip on the jar and stepped back hitting the wall behind me, he stopped infront of me a feet away. "you must be wondering How, When and Why are you here? he asked smiling."Who the hell are you moron? I shouted out of fear, "my name is Zelman Prince of Darkness, he answered looking at me, I was shaking not that I was angry because I was freakin scared. I didn't answer. He stepped forward I held my breath, "you are in my palace and are going to be the Queen of Darkness, he said.......

YOU are in my palace going to be the queen of Darkness, he answered stretching his hand forward, I turned my face he stopped. "what the Fuck are you talking about? Is this some kind of joke? I demanded now looking at him angry. his smile faded. "you are in a house filled with VAMPIRES my love I shall marry you in order to be the new King (his face expressionless) if you try to flee you shall be the next meal of any vampire here, and if you stay with me MY LOVE you will be get dressed tonight on the half moon we must get married, he answered tears filled my eyes it was all true I remember now he was the one who attacked me, I saw his shiny fangs before he bite me, the horrible pain I felt then, I couldn't stop crying it is not a dream he is a Vampire.

THE maides walked in the room holding different kind of dresses, jeweleries. He glanced at me as a tears fell down my face Zelman turned and vanished infront of me. The maides took me in the bathroom it was large as a hall once I took off my clothes I took a bath in the shower filled with red roses I was sobbing. What will my friends in the orphan age think where did I vanish to? I don't even know that WILLA is my real name I was called this name in orphan age since I remember. Why me? There are many pretty girls than me I have my yellow eyes and my short brown hair, nothing so special. I am freakin dead, what will he do to me, Fuck I am scared of the vampire maides, I thought shaking as the maides wrapped in in a towel. They dressed me in a beautiful black velvet gown and tight my silky hair in a bun behind my head, they applied eyeliner and mascara in my eyes and red lip gloss on my lips "I hate red lip gloss" I thought I stopped crying as one of the maides gave me a look "that the eyeliner will be ruined" I had to admit I looked a different girl a much more beautiful girl, I was missing Kelly my friend as I sat alone in front of the dressing table.

THE door opened I turned my head to see Zelman looking more handsome than I saw him last-time. some how I blushed as he walked in I turned my face feeling irrated. He stopped infront of the dressing table looking at me I felt my face getting red "huh I know you humans are attracted to us....(GOD I hate him. He stretched his hand) now take my hand it is almost midnight time for us to get married, Zelman said, I hesitated he bent down till he came near my ear my heart pounded" Do as I tell you...or you shall regret it..I am being polite to marry you I have other options such as MY Love "death" he whispered in my ear I swallowed in fear he stood up to his full height stretched his hand again I didn't look at him while grabed his hand, it was warm I thought vampires had cold hands Zelman tighten his grip as we started to walk I was worried to go out this freakin place is full of deadly vamps.

He was quite as we stepped out of the room in a hallway with many doors we went down stairs no one was to be found. We walked out of the oak doors I heard violin voice from outside then I saw hundreds of vampires guests my heart wanted to burst out of my chest I felt a horrible chill as we kept walking I saw beautiful vampires and yet horrible looking their gazes at me I couldn't stop shivering, I wanted to scream.shout for help but not even a Army would want to face the terror of night. The half moon looked red in my eyes. We stopped infront of two vampires sitting in large chairs.

On one sat a beautiful woman with her blond hair and red eyes, wearing a maroon gown, she looked pretty yet something about her made me worried, beside her sat a man holding her hand he had long black hair, yellow eyes looking at me, wearing a black robe and tights. I couldn't stop shaking Fuck this was scary I felt cold even though it wasn't winter. We stoped Zelman did not let go of my hand he bowed I did the same as I knew the man and woman would be the King and Queen of Darkness. "your majesties this is the girl I choose to be my mate, with your will I shall marry her on this beautiful night of half moon, said Zelman loudly still bowed and holding my hand. My heart was running against the time I was scared to death.

"Stand straight, said the king in his deep voice. We stood to our full heights I could feel everyone eyes on us. The Queen stood up our gazes met she walked forward and stop an inch away from me," you are the first human in this palace, every single human has to turn first than enter.... I wonder why? (she raised her voice) my beloved son has wished for you to remain human and he wants us to let you marry him...extraordinary, she said staring in my eyes. "Akasha my love calm down, said the king softly to his wife....." why would zelman ask for such a thing? What the hell is going on man? I thought but didn't look at him.

The king stood up and in a second stood next to the queen. "I king Valdimir give you the permission to marry her, and she shall remain human until you wish my son, but if she wishes (he looked at me) to flee then I myself must deal with her, he said. Zelman bowed his head and I did the same. I looked at him worried. "my son as you shall marry her, and you will be the next king but I do not agree your mistress is still human, said the queen smiling evilly." Mother I will not turn her.....and as for being the king sooner or later I shall have the crown, Zelman answered coldly yet smiling". There were hissing voices I was shocked what the fuck is he talking about he would go against his mother the queen for me. Why?

I looked at him horror struck then maids brought a knife in a silver tray, Zelman took it and let go of my hand "is he going to kill me? I thought for my shock he brought the knife near his hand and cut his hand and brought it near me I heard angry hisses I swallowed he rested his hand on my lips, Damn it I unwillingly drank his blood which tasted like iron, I couldn't but he kept it pressed on my lips, I wanted it to stop and than it did as he moved his hand it healed infront of me, I wipped my mouth he looked at the knife than at me "trouble" I knew this was coming, I took the knife my eyes filled with tears I brought the knife near my wrist" your finger Zelman said at once I knew it was to not attract more lunatic vamps, my lips were numb and cold, I looked at him pleading but knew I was pushing my luck, "carry on my child" said the king. (actually commended) I looked at the vampires from the corner of my eyes I knew they wanted to drink my blood, than I somehow cut my index finger of my left hand the blood rushed I looked at Zelman he grabbed my hand and placed my finger in his mouth I was shaking even more he might kill me the knife still in my hand. His right hand reached for his tie as he let go of my finger quickly he wrapped it around my finger, he grabbed my hand.

King Valdimire reached for the knife in my hand I let go with a shudder in my body. He tasted my blood with his eyes closed he didn't stop until the blood was gone he opened his eyes a tear fall on my cheek, he gave the maids the knife I tried to stop crying, he looked at us his eyes turned from yellow to red glaring at me, "My people of darkness tonight on the half moon my son zelman married his mate by exchanging their blood and they are mates for the eternity of night, the King said loudly, I heard happy wolf whistles and angry hisses, everything once again became silent the king returned to his chair. I heard a growl behind me I turned my hand parted from Zelman. I saw a man his eyes black and fangs shining, I gasped.........

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