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In The Darkness Part_002

I gasped...."Jorden what do you think you are doing,asked Zelman in an angry tone turning,which made me shiver he stepped forward.....then suddenly I felt Jorden's cold hand on my neck. I was chocking, I tried to breath but the grip was tight on my neck my face red my lungs were hurting. In a second or so Zelman punched him in the gut and he flew in the air and landed on his feet, Zelman pushed me behind him I was crying coughing I grabbed the back of his jacket. Jorden came forward towards Zelman, no one else seemed to notice what was going on they just stood there watching two monsters killing eachother, I was sobbing, tears streaming down my face, "why is he attacking me, I yelled...zelman did not answer, Zelman grabbed his neck and slammed him down and than infront of me he snapped his neck, I screamed shaking I wanted this to stop but Zelman was not listening his eyes blacker then coal, fangs shining. Then every thing turned upside down I flew in the air hitting something hard, my world went black.
**********************ZELMAN,S POV*********************
I kept my grip on Jordens neck but then as I heard a scream I turned my head with speed, I saw her unconscious on the ground the Evil inside me rose I looked at the man who did this to Willa. It was Adric a friend of my cousin I clenched my fist, he hissed at me I looked at her innocent face thinking why am I getting so angry?? In a second I reached Adric, Punched him on the face making his nose bleed, I punched him in the heart" I am the prince powerful then anyone here, you dare to come in my way you die" I whispered in his ear, his veins appeared all over his body my hand ripped his chest so out of control I grabbed his heart taking it out, he screamed in agony. He fell on the ground looking disgusting I threw his heart on his body my hands drenched with blood looking up at my father" If any of you wishes and wants to harm her shall come out I personally will deal with them, I shouted enraged,no one dared to step forward I ran towards her as quick as I could bent down looked at her face.

She had hit her head on the ground hard but was not bleeding I exhaled she was alive I heared her soft heartbeats which made me want to drink her blood badly she was unconscious a perfect chance to get over with it. I yelled "no" in my brain, instead I grabbed her in my arms she smelled good it was intoxicating, Gently I lifted her up, the bun in her hair loosened leaving her hair open, every one watched angrily, with the last look at the King I walked back towards the palace looking at her I reached my room pushing the door open I entered. I stopped at the bed as gently as I could not knowing why? I placed her head on the pillow and straighten her legs I looked at her so wanting to kill her I am a vampire the most powerful monster in generations, but why can't I....I put the cover on her, pacing and kept glancing at her the whole night she did not move not for once, the sun shined over the mountains, I decided to take a shower.
**********************WILLA,S POV*****************************
My head hurted so much wincing I opened my eyes to realize I was on the bed, I re winded my memories about what had happened? It was morning by the sunlight coming from the windows, some punk grabbed my neck and....shit Zelman KILLED him...then I flew in the air hit my head. 'OUCH" my hand shot to my head it hurts.."I got married with the man I hate the most. Got attacked by some lunatic on my wedding day.....I thought, (how can a persons life change this much in just one day)feeling miserable, I sat up crying "why..why...I don't want to be here...death is much better then this...I..I..please... God help me...I want to go back...I said crying, my heart hurting I was sobbing, I cryed for a while I stopped as the door of the bathroom opened. Zelman walked in the room wearing a bathrobe, our gazes met, angry I stared back. He exhaled "it is a great relief you are had hit your head yesterday...he said walking towards the wardrobe. Pulling out a maroon shirt I looked away while he changed" you idiot there is this thing called washroom change there, I thought annoyed." I will keep that in mind, he chuckled and said as though he heard my course they can they are Vamps

"Great now my own thoughts are not even private" I snapped back he walked and stopped at the end of the bed I looked up to see he was looking extremely handsome the shirt tight on his muscles with his black jeans, "take a shower and then we shall go down to meet the vampires who are here to congratulate us on our wedding, Zelman said expressionless," HOW CAN YOU GUARANTEE THAT THERE WILL BE NO SUCH ACCIDENTS LIKE THIS NEXT TIME, MAY BE I WILL NOT BE BREATHING, I shouted at him angrily, he smiled and came near me I brought my knees to my face breathing fast. His eyes turned black and fangs appeared I clenched my fist in a second he grabbed my arm and pulled me up with such force I was completely taken aback, my feet hit the floor he looked down at me I stared back, "Get dressed, he said...."I will not...I said angrily. I struggled but he wrapped his hand around my waist I couldn't move..."let me GO, I yelled. He leaned on my neck I felt his fangs" you know you have to do what I say....he said angrily I was really scared now......

********ZELMAN'S POV********
I heard her heart beating fast she was shaking, smelling in her scent so near her neck I could see the blood flowing.
The Devil rose inside me, she sensed it and cried...."No can't......"please please let me go Zelman...I beg you"...I was about to loose control her blood was all I needed, for us vampire's the blood we cannot have is the one we want the most, but her scared thoughts made my fangs disappear. Controlling my self (which was the most difficult thing I have done in 500 years of my soulless life) I backed away tears in her eyes....

Staring at her for a while ....."I am waiting, I said, and went to stand on the balcony to calm myself, slowly I heard her going in the bathroom, it took her a while to get ready.....
Why is her blood so intoxicating? I thought to my self ....
I waited for a while even though waiting was the least favoured thing I would ever do for any one than why for her???
"Willa is not just my wife, she's more then that..not only for me for all our kind.

The door of the bathroom opened turning back to look at her she was looking beautiful. Like an Angel in her white gown, her hair up behind her head in a bun, her yellow eyes filled with fear, I knew she was crying. She bit her bottom lip and walked forward, I looked at her feet not wanting to come towards me, which made me angrier...
In a second I stood infront of her, making her even more afraid.
I grabbed her wounded hand from which she fed me yesterday and walked out of the door.
************WILLA'S POV*************
His grip was tight on my hand hurting me. I didn't want to go down, I was worried they might kill me......."He can read my mind!!! "I thought. He knows that they might kill me, he knows I don't want to go down, then Why making me? Why taking me?????
we walked down the stairs then right, we stopped at a door it opened itself, a Hall filled with beautiful looking vampires dressed in dark colors.We walked in, every one looking at us "duh".

The king and Queen were not there, Zelman stopped and looked at me with a look telling me to behave. "How did he know that I was a pain in ASS back in the Orphan age. I nodded. The vampires bowed for a while then stood to their full heights..."God the books about vampires were true...they were all so beautiful, but not all of them.... Well... no one here was ugly. I thought matter of factly" Zelman chuckled, (Damn he heard my thoughts again)

"Let me introduce you to my family" Zelman said leaving my hand 3 people came forward 2 girls looking like models wearing jeans and beautiful black tops, their eyes bright, pale skin, red whine lips, they were gorgeous I felt like an ugly witch, And next to them stood a boy his blue eyes shocking against his black hair, he was tall with an amazing body, wearing a brown robe and jeans.

"Hello I am Kirra the eldest sister but younger than your husband nice to meet you". Said the girl with brown eyes and blonde hair. I shook her hand forcing a smile,
"I am Beth youngest but I have lived 200 years", said the girl next to kirra, with black eyes I shook her hand felt how weird it was to see her this young yet she has lived 200 years.
The boy grabbed my hand and kissed it. "Alec glad to have you here". He said a cold look in his eyes. They all stepped aside.
(His family was perfect, somehow I had a good impression of them)

"Meet my cousins Lord Rory's sons and daughter, said Zelman rather coldly." This is Lestat, your highness said the boy he was extremely handsome, tall pale skin, red lips and yellow eyes with a bit black color in them, exactly like mine. Wearing an earring in his right ear which made him look like a bad boy. He pointed at the girl next to him" my sister Hanna. Lestat said in his deep voice. Hanna had black hair, with beautiful big black eyes, wearing black jacket and white shirt and jeans. Lestat pointed his hand at the other boy who had his purple eyes wearing a cross earring, necklace. His long hair touching his shoulder he looked serious, calm, kind of nice...he smiled when I looked at him a smile which reached his eyes" Sidka your highness, he said in his sweet voice.

When Lestat was finished introducing. Hanna huged me, my eyes widened at this. Zelman looked at me from the corner of his eyes. "hello" I murmured.
" really are beautiful", Hanna said letting go and smiling broadly.
"Thank you". I answered slowly feeling rather weird because in my opinion she was much more prettier than me.

A girl walked towards us with her long white hair (which was different) touching her hips, her red eyes glaring at me, wearing a black dress which made her look attractive.
"This is her Lady Lucrezia's daughter...Juliana, said Kirra as she was the only one standing near us.
" you are Willa, Juliana asked coldly, I didn't answer worried to be near a vampire Bitch.
"Get over with it Juliana, you know you don't stand a chance, Zelman snapped almost growling. Juliana looked at him expressionless.
"Honour to have you here" she said and turned on her heels vanishing infront of me, I knew she was trouble its better to be away from her.

"Don't mind her she Fancies Zelman, said a voice behind us, I turned back my heart almost failed that I will get hurt again, a man stood smiling a true smile on his pink lips which reached his green eyes.
"I am Enrique your Highness, his Highness's friend,he said and bowed, A smile spread Zelman's lips which send sparks all over my body his sweet real smile by seeing his friend.
"I apologize I couldn't be any help yesterday" Enrique said standing to his full hieght.
"No worries my friend you were the one helping me bring her here, Zelman told him eerily...
My shocked eyes looked at him then at Enrique,feeling embarrassed he looked down.i wanted to slap Zelman but I knew he would snap my neck not even considering it twice.

Zelman grabbed my hand and walked towards the sofa.
"Sit here until I come back,he ordered like I was a toddler.
"BUT....before I could say something he vanished leaving me alone in a hall filled with Vampires. I looked around to notice they were looking at me I felt like they were talking about me.............

"Why are they not killing me" I thought
"Because NO ONE will dare to, said a voice I looked over my shoulder to see Hanna, she sat next to me smiling and handed me a drink.
"What do you mean no one would dare??? I asked her now interested.
"You see Zelman is very POWERFUL even more than his Majesty, that is why he went against them for not turning you, if there was someone else "huh" he or she would have been dead by now and his Majesties dogs would be feeding on them, Zelman is the one and only vampire allowed to bring his WITCH friend here, answered Hanna.

"You mean Enrique is a WITCH!!!!????, I asked shocked.we human's have been deceived from centuries. We were told that vampires are just stories, witches don't exist, but everything was a lie Vampires, witches...God knows what is out there & are all REAL??? Hanna laughed
"What?? I demanded.
"Its just your thoughts are interesting, she said grinning.
"I don't like it...I mean I want to keep my thoughts to my self"....I complained sadly.
she nodded and stood up "he's here".....she said looking at the door which opened, Zelman and Enrique came inside.

Zelman looked happy as he came towards me, after a minute or so guests came inside and congratulated us, few with smiles, few with grim faces, the guests left at afternoon.
"How on earth can they walk in the sunlight?" my gaze fell upon Enrique the Witch.
"You are right Enrique is a powerful witch, he and his family help us be protected from the sun......well we can walk in sun but not when its too burns our skin that is why he and his family help us so we can walk in the sun no matter how hot it let me accompany you to our chamber" said Zelman once again answering the unasked question. I walked after him quietly (like I had any choice)" if I argue or try to flee they would know what I am about to do"...........I smiled as I passed Kirra she smiled back.

We reached the room he pushed the door open and walked inside I followed. Zelman closed the door I stood and stared out of the window this place was incredibly beautiful....
The walk way was lined with pine tress and spiral carved bushes. Till the end which was the entrance of the palace. The gardens were huge and beautiful with many types of trees and flowers. HOW come the vampires have a garden so peaceful like that?????
******************************ZELMAN'S POV***********************************
I opened the door of the wardrobe now her new gowns on the other side. I grabbed my jacket, wore it, Clearing my throat, Willa turned.
"Till now everyone in the palace has been able to hear what we say in this room and.....your thoughts" I explained....."but now they will not". I added.
she frowned confused" what do you mean? Willa asked.
"I asked Enrique to charm this room, but once you step out... that's an other matter" I told her brushing my hair infront of the mirror.
(yeah indeed we have reflections, That is just a myth, there are lot of things about us which brainless humans changed, like animal blood makes us weak...the fact is animal blood is the same as humans, but it depends which one you drink from, most Vampires prefer to drink strong animals blood for instance lion or elephant but if someone drinks a cats blood that wouldn't be as powerful as strong animals....I will never feed on animals....NEVER.)

"What about you......will you read my thoughts, she asked stiffly. I turned to face her she looked away, clearly afraid...which I wanted her to be.
"That is none of your business my Love, I said she looked at me taken aback, I walked out of the room closing the door behind me....
I went downstairs saw mother waiting for me.
"My dear mother how are you" I asked my head bowed a little.
"How was your human mate infront of our guests," mother asked angrily, I rolled my eyes.
"Mother you care to have a war" I asked not answering her answer. Yes she was the queen yet I talked to her this way, yes she is my mother but I was her least favorite child,she always thought I was unwanted,while father made me feel like a prince, yes I was dark she should be happy but instead she wants her children to do what she says.........

"I do not", she snapped
"then mother stay away from her if you even consider to harm her you know well enough what I am capable of, I told her and walked towards the Royal hall where I had to handle matter of Lycans.
Yes Lycans are our enemies they have been from centuries,We kill each other, two of our Vampires were killed on sight by Lycans yesterday....
Father ordered me to send Marcus and William leaders of one of our clan,to revenge them.
Once everything was done at dawn once again I went to my room, opened the door to see Willa sleeping on the sofa near the fireplace, I walked up to her she had a pen and paper on the table infront of her, I reached for it.

"I want to go home even though I do not have one, the Orphan age in my home and my friends I miss them, I don't know how long I will be alive, I am surrounded with dead humans wanting to kill me, I got married in a blink of an eye, it is not legal yet I am scared I so wish to know why am I here?? why did he choose me?? A girl wants a man to love her make her feel special, yes I am an Orphan but still I have feelings, I always thought that some day he will come and every thing for once just for once will be fine I will be happy, I will smile from my heart, but no live is a bitch you never get what you want, I pity myself to be an Orphan"........

I finished reading it annoyed, ripped the paper into half and threw it in the fire breathing hard, I tried to calm myself I looked at her face the light of the fire fell on her peaceful white face (wonder why she lit the fire even though it was summer) I bent down so near that I could feel her soft breath on my face, I brushed my finger smoothly on her cheek, her face was warm, Willa moved a bit making me jump.
"I cant" I murmured and grabbed her in my arms bridal style gently even though she annoyed me, even though I didn't love her, but she was irresistible, she wrapped her hands around my neck, making me stop for a while but then I walked to the bed lying her under the covers, she rolled over in deep sleep, with the last glance I went out to the balcony it was my favorite place in the whole palace, when did I fall asleep, I had no idea.......

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