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In The Darkness Part_003

I woke up to realize I was on the bed,confused I got up looking around but no sign of Zelman...."Did he bring me here yesterday????" I asked myself......I walked in the bathroom, brused my teeth washed my face and took a shower, wearing a pink gown my hair wet, I made my bed there was nothing else for me to do. I didn't DEAR go outside...thank God the room was charmed no one could hear my least there was something good. A Week passed I was still in my room....just think u live in a palace yet it feels like a prison......having nothing to do...go to the balcony sit have tea ALONE....have your lunch ALONE....Dinner ALONE...Hanna came to visit me twice when I was downstairs with Zelman.....I didn't have my Phone, or Ipod....felt like I lived in the 50s....Fuck I hate this..... Today was Friday my eight day in this palace..I woke up feeling sign of Mister Hotshot...I got up went in the washroom...washed my face..burshed my teeth...took a shower....I looked at my wet feels nice specially in always I walked out made my bed........The door of the room opened I looked around to see Zelman but it was not him,instead it was heart beats started running fast,he smiled at me and walked in... "Nice one has ever entered this room except you" he said looking at the large ceiling of the room..I backed away standing near the bed. "Zelman is not here" I mumbled his eyes met mine he laughed. "I know" he said in a second he stood infront of me, such speed was amazing,i was trembling surely he was about to Kill Me, I looked down, tears in my eyes.He touched my wet hair. "You smell nice,wonder how your blood would taste"he said leaning near. "Zelman" I thought crying now shaking uncontrollably. "No let me go.....I...please...Lestat....please"i pleaded as his body touched mine. "LESTAT" shouted a familiar voice, I closed my eyes in relief, opened them to see Zelman standing on the door looking extremely angry his eyes black, fangs showing. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING??" he shouted. Slowly Lestat backed away to face him. "Admiring your room cousin and your....WIFE"he said a smirk on his lips.... In a lightning speed Zelman came towards us,grabbed his neck, I stepped back, my head spinning, Zelman raised him in the air. "NO.....I screamed, without looking at me Zelman slammed him on the bed shattering the bed in to pieces, Lestat stood up his eyes blood shot fangs gleaming. "Stop please" I shouted they did not pay any attention, they jumped at eachother like hungry animals, blood was on the floor,now they were near the fire place their clothes ripped,both breathing hard, Lestat had blood all over his white shirt. Zelman grabbed a stake from the bed, I saw his pupils were red, while his eye balls black. He was furious,he walked towards Lestat who was panting. My feet shook so much I fell down, not being able to handle my own weight. Every thing in the room was torn apart. "Zelman do not....if you do it then"......Begged Lestat but Zelman cut him off. "You know I loath you.....How dare you enter this chamber??? How dare you Go near her??? The only thing you and Father want is the throne, am I not right Prince Lestat??? don't you want me dead?? Zelman yelled the power of his voice shattered the windows in the room. Suddenly two people came in the room one grabbed Zelman and the other grabbed Lestat by the chest. "Let go Enrique," Zelman demanded. "You must not Zelman, calm down" said Enrique, Lestat growled and hissed but Sidka didn't move. I started crying harder, my lips getting purple my face pale from fear, I wanted this to end, I wanted to scream but couldn't..........Sidka in his vampire speed took Lestat out of the room...... Enrique said something in his witch language and then Zelman calmed a bit, his eyes came back to normal and fangs disappeared...Enrique let go of him slowly looking concerned and confused...... "What happened? Why was he here?? he asked "For Willa" answered Zelman enraged he looked at me I was crying, shaking, sitting on the floor, he walked slowly towards me..."how would you feel when two powerful vampires have a fierce battle infront of you??" off course I was scared to death........Enrique was repairing the room with magic..... Zelman sat infront of me looking at me,slowly but carefully he wiped my tears..... How?? and when I hugged him I had no idea, I got my voice back sobbing I hugged him didn't matter it was Zelman the man I hated....... as long as I had someone near me....he hugged me back. "It's are fine..he is gone" he whispered, somehow I felt my heart getting warm....Enrique looked at me then smiled. I stopped crying but was still shaking, we parted I looked down realizing what had I done..(i am his hostage) he stood up. "Enrique repair the room quickly I shall have a chat with Lord Rory," Zelman said and went out of the room..........

***************************WILLA'S POV**************************************

"Enrique repair the room quickly I shall have a chat with Lord Rory," Zelman said and went out of the room.........I stood up while Enrique kept saying weird words, in about a minute or so Erique repaired everything in the room......he walked up to me I was standing there quite scared, he smiled encouragingly "You ok"?? he asked sincerly...I nodded "The news by now has swelled over the palace don,t worry everything will be are not just his wife you know" Enrique said seriously "What do you mean?" I asked looking in his green eyes. "You will know in time, he answered before I could I ask him more Kirra and Hanna stood on the door looking at the room than at me. "Lestat was here we heard but the room looks fine,asked Hanna stepping in. Kirra followed. Enrique stepped a said and bowed for the princesses..................... "what did he do??" asked Kirra once again "His highness was here for lady Willa, answered Enrique, Kirra's eyes turned from brown to red, Hanna looked down clearly ashamed, "I am sorry for my brothers behavior". Hanna said slowly. "No you shouldn't" I mumbled "I shall leave you now," said Enrique with a bow and walked out of the room............... I sat on the,couch which was broken few minutes earlier.. "Are you ok?? you look pale??" asked Hanna, I was not, I felt sick and afraid, but lied... "Yeah I am" there was a moment's silence............. "You know no one even Me has never entered this room.......wonder why you?? he has never done this for any of his hostages, then again you are his wife" said Kirra breaking the silence......
 **************************ZELMAN,S POV*************************** "
Lord Rory only want's the throne...he wants me dead, even though he is my fathers brother, for the throne any one can turn against you, but I will never let them, (Lestat) I detest him greatly if it was not for Father I would have killed him" I thought angrily while going downstairs in the royal Hall I smelled his disgusting blood which led me there, the doors burst open I entered infuriated, Lestat was standing there with his Fahter, King Valdimire, Sidka, Alec......they looked at me as I walked towards them..... "How many times do I have to tell you Lestat mind your business, or one day I shall have the pleasure of ripping your Fucking Head off," I bellowed my eyes black "My son remain calm, we do not want you to unleash your Demon here, let us solve this matter smoothly". Said King Valdimire starring in my eyes. "I am warning you Prince Lestat you ever again cross the limits, you will regret it", I threatened him..... "Your highness I will never stop my lust for a Human,even if she is your Wife, or the up coming Queen, Lestat answered angrily wanting to kill me. I hissed and jumped towards him, grabbed his wripped shirt" Trust me you do not want to do that," I told him outraged.... "PRINCE ZELMAN"....shouted Lord Rory..I turned to look at him.....
**********************WILLA'S POV********************
 "I am going to take you out with us, we are gonna take some fresh air in our farmhouse" suggested Hanna (Kirra smiled at the thought.) "I would love to but Zelman..........." I trailed off. "I will help you with it, he listens to me" said a voice, I looked up to see King Valdimir stood on the door, Zelman standing next to him looking at me. We stood up bowed as the king walked in smiling, a shiver passed me. We stood to our full heights when the King stopped a feet or two away from us, I couldn't meet his gaze. "Lestat was here...................I apologize for his behavior,Vampires sometimes get carried away" he said simply, my jaw dropped on his words....(the King apologized from me..a human???) both Kirra and Hanna were taken aback by the kings words, I didn't dare say a word. "You shall go out with my daughter and Hanna,they will look after you...try not to flee, "he said the last words stiffly, I swallowed he turned to leave but stopped. "Zelman you should accompany them," he said and left the room with normal speed. "why him" I thought, Zelman's gaze met mine and I knew he knew what I was thinking. "Well than we shall leave about an hour later" said Hanna smiling I replied with a fake smile, they left to change. I looked down sadly at my ripped gown..... "It's just a gown and wear something other than a gown when you leave" Zelman said and walked towards the bathroom to wear something new as his shirt was stained with Lestat's blood, I walked towards the washroom and stopped at the door. "Zelman.......what..happened to Lestat?...I mean did King Valdimir do something??....."I asked a feet away from the door. Zelman opened the door to show his awesome abs, I blushed and looked down as quick as I could, my pulse hammering. (He was not wearing a shirt God......) "You should not worry,he would never do are Hostage...mine, Got that" he said wearing his shirt, I looked up still his abs showing as he buttoned his shirt. "Get ready" he said and walked away, I exhaled and grabbed a pair of jeans and a sleeveless top, got in the washroom and changed. (Any Human would kill for a man like Zelman, but he is a deadly and dangerous vampire, even though he is my husband I cannot love him, he married me on his will not mine.........) i dressed, it felt good to wear jeans after those long gowns, walked towards the dressing table put some eyeliner and mascara and noticed he was not in the room. "Where did he go?? Zelman I am ready" I whispered, once again looking around the room, He walked in, checked me out, a shiver passed me..."Um classy....lets go" he said a smirk on his lips. In a half second he was next to me,grabbed my hand and out of the room. We stopped down the grand stairs Hanna and Kirra were waiting, looking gorgeous in their shorts and tops, they smiled at me. We walked out from the oak door, the sun shine felt good on my face, its been long since I came out, it felt peaceful the gardens were beautiful....we stopped infront of a Mercedes benz g 55..WOW Zelman sat behind the wheel, Hanna forced me to sit on the passenger seat, we drove out from the iron gates, damn they have alot of protection..... "An Orphan being able to live in a Palace, in a grand room, your husband so handsome, more than a freakin model, riding in a Mercedes benz g 55, in a way it was a dream which came true...but then again why??" I was lost in my own train of thoughts, didn't even realize when Zelman stopped infront of a Lake......
************************WILLA'S POV***************************
 We got out of the car, The farmhouse was breath taking,there was a huge Lake infront of it, surrounded by resplendent tress!!!, with white sidewalks, on top of the hill stood a magnificent house!!!!!, behind the hill was a huge mountain covered with heavenly tress........ "How come vamps have such awesome taste?? I thought forgetting I am not in my room any more. "Funny Willa....if the Palace is old fashion, that doesn't mean we are too" said Kirra laughing. "It's amazing, I mean I thought you can't walk in the sun,but you guys can.....thought you sleep in dark coffees again I was wrong.....and most of all I thought you were not real, and you guys ARE.....I answered smiling as we stopped on the shore. I felt nice around Kirra and Hanna....we sat on the bar table and chairs near the lake, the maids brought drinks for me, for them stomach growled, they laughed at me..I was embarrassed.
********************************ZELMAN'S POV**********************************
"Off course she was hungry, she didn't have her breakfast" I thought, and ordered the maids to bring food for her.the girls went to play whatever they wished in the house, leaving me with her, she ate extremely quite not even making a voice..... "Atleast be calm around me when you are eating" I told her, she looked at me afraid and nodded, once she was done, Willa sat near the lake and placed her feet in the water...I sat back looking at her as she played with the ducks, which I do not prefer as a meal. "The page you wrote in before a week was that really what you think??" I asked now beside her, she jumped but I garbed her wrist, her heartbeats running, she looked at my grip then at me scared..... "I was upset.....when I am upset I write what's on my mind, and yes that was all true" she said looking at me wincing on my tight grip. I didn't let go. "Do you hate me??" I asked, well demanded, she looked down. "Zelman you cannot make me like you, you are a kidnapper" her voice stiff yet worried, I let go of her wrist and stepped forward she gasped.. "You think you are not my wife legally..,well in my world we were married infront of hundred's of vampires, that is now my reality and yours" I said angrily. She looked at me tears in her eyes... "Do whatever you wish" I snapped and vanished.

*******************************WILLA'S POV*************************************

"How harsh of him"...I sat back and cried slowly.. "We heard what he told you" said Kirra, I turned to look, she had a pity look on her face, I stood up wiping my tears. "If he doesn't want me and doesn't love me....why marry me?? what is the freakin reason behind it?? "Sweety we also wanna know" said Hanna hugging me, somehow I wasn't afraid. I hugged her back, I needed someone to comfort me. We played basket ball, I was unable to get the ball from them, Because Kirra and Hanna used their Vampire speed....time was passing as they showed me their farmhouse, but still no sign of mister Hotshot....Kirra ordered Pizza. " guys eat??" I questioned surprisingly. "Yeah we eat its fine for us, actually its quite good when we are around human friends". Kirra said while watching TV.... "WOW..." was only what I said.....we ate Pizza while listening to music and enjoying..i felt way too comfortable with Kirra and the time of dusk, Zelman came back, God knows where he went, we had to go back so we left the farmhouse, and in the car, Zelman did not say a word he drove as fast as he could, he looked angry, I wondered if I made him that mad?? we were silent... "Zelman they are near" said Kirra worried, I turned to look at her, her eyes were blood shot, her fangs appeared, I looked at Zelman.. "What is going on" "Nothing special,and you can not do anything about it" he said his grip tight on the wheel. "Great scare her even more"......snapped Kirra..... "Lycans are chasing us that was the reason why we left early" she added "WHAT LYCANS.....Are they your enemies??" I yelled '"Hanna! sense them" ordered Zelman almost growling, Hanna nodded and closed her eyes, kept them close for a while and when opened them. "Not good, they are near Zelman" she said clenching her fist. "Well then let us meet..they kill my man, and dare them they are after me now" he said his eyes black. "Could this day get any worse" I whispered,he laughed Then suddenly the car was spinning, I screamed my heart was beating fast........Kirra and Hanna were out of the car, the car stopped, Zelman got out quickly in a second he was on my side, opened the door, I was shaking, my head spinning, I tried to stand up, but my face got pressed against his warm chest, he wrapped his hands around my waist, and pulled me up, we were on a deserted highway, nothing could be heard, Kirra and Hanna stood next to us, The sun was hiding behind the mountains. "What's gonna happen" my voice lowered to a concerned whisper.

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