Saturday, 26 March 2011

My Holy Wish (A Friendship Poetry)

My Holy Wish by Linda Cotrufello

I only wish one holy wish
That I am seen and held sacred in your heart.
That your heart beats quicker
And ecstasy pours into your whole being
When you touch me.

All I want is a safe space
To share my heart and soul
A lover I can truly trust
One who adores me
One who truly honors
Our intimate connection

Love is not enough
There are many levels of loving
Each with it’s own beauty
But my beloved
Only that of Soul Mate
Is enough for me.

Deep soul connection
Is chosen and grows
When the light of our beings
Find clear intentions
To open into the deepness of togetherness.

There is only one of us
This is true
And in the end
We move back into
The consciousness of that One.

I celebrate our uniqueness
I celebrate our sameness
I am…You are…We are…
God is.

With the blessing of the Great I Am
I call forth my holy wish
To be seen
And adored
By You.

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