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In The Darkness Part_004

************************WILLA'S POV***********************

"What is gonna happen" my voice lowered to a concerned whisper. Zelman looked in my eyes.

"You are safe,they will do nothing to you" he said his grip tight around me.

"Then I heard growling voices,and suddenly five men stood infront of us, four of them wearing hoods making it hard for me to see their faces. But the one standing infront of us was wearing a cloak but his hood down relieving his long hair touching his shoulders, his brown eyes looking at us, he was extremely hot, tall with a great body" I thought looking up at Zelman and saw that he was looking at me with the corner of his eyes, frowning....

"Long time Prince Zelman,Princess Kirra,Princess Hanna" the said firmly.

"Prince Alcander! care to answer me, why have you been tracking us like wild dogs?" asked Zelman angrily, Alcander grinned when Zelman called him a dog....oh God I was scared to death...thank God Zelman was holding me, or I would have fainted by now. They are freakin Lycans.

"Reason is simple Zelman KILL you" Alcander answered.Kirra stepped forward and Hanna hissed...

(kill" what the Fuck he is talking about, he cant kill a prince" I thought) surely Zelman heard my thoughts, he looked at me smirked and let go of me. I was still shaking, sweat shining on my face.

"Do you really think you can Kill me" Zelman said calmly as though they were joking. He laughed.

"Offcourse Zelman" he said looking at Kirra, Hanna then at me, a shiver passed me, he didn't move his gaze but kept staring. Zelman hissed outraged. Alcander's face went pale like Zelman's, and looked at him at last.

"You certainly now made it difficult for me to Kill you Zelman, with her by your side, I cannot even dare touch you!......why is she Human??" He asked after a pause..

"The man infront of me was now suddenly talking in a different manner, as if he was afraid of something...God knows why..what the hell did he mean by "why is she human?" may be because I am standing next to Zelman and am still a human....."

"I have no intentions of scaring you,You Know the reason Alcander......Leave before this turns to another war" Zelman said in a pitched voice.

"What on earth are they talking about?? what War?? I was stunned."

With that last glance at me Alcander and his wolf pack vanished in thin air.

"Are we safe" I thought.

"They couldn't have touched you" he answered my unasked question.

"Zelman what is going on?? what was he talking about??" Questioned Kirra concerned.

"You do not let us get in your mind Zelman, atleast tell us what was all that about" said Hanna.

Zelman turned and faced them. "Get in the car" was all he said, and was all we needed, no one would like to argue with him. He then was behind the wheels in less then a second. Kirra rolled her eyes, got in the car. The ride back was silent. I was angry wanting to know what was going on??

When we entered our room, I stopped turned to look at him, Zelman closed the door and faced me.


"You know "what" Zelman.........Tell me what is it about me that stopped the Lycan from Attacking us.

He turned towards the washroom, but I stopped him, by grabbing his hand for the first time which sent sparks all over my body, he looked at me then at my hand on his wrist, his eyes were not angry, infact he had a sadness in his eyes. Zelman Exhaled.

"Come with me" he said and opened the door, I followed him, he walked left, then straight, and stopped at a secret chamber. I gasped when the King opened the door he looked at us.

"Father its time we should tell her, we must go in my room the spell will help us from being overheard"

The king walked forward and we followed him, I was happy that Zelman for the first time did something for me, but my heart was beating out of my chest because finally I was gonna know the big secret which involved the King of Vampires.........The king entered our room, Zelman did not close the door behind him, the King sat on the Sofa near the fireplace. Someone enerted the room I turned to look it was Enrique,he had a serious look on his face.i sat across the King. My lips were numb, something is seriously wrong here?? What the hell is this secret?? Zelman sat next to me and Enrique sat next to the King.

"Before the thrown was given to me" King Valdmire began calmly........."Vampires had a Queen, the most powerfull vampire in all times" he continued (his voice tight)" surely that was Before Zelman was born, as we know he is the most powerfull vampire now" he looked at Zelman than at me.
"The queen....she fell in love with a Lycan Prince named Arthur. You see Willa Lycans and Vampires were allies, we cannot say they were dear friends, but peace was between them, killing was not allowed..The Queen asked King Anderson King of the Lycans that she wants to marry his son Arthur, Anderson did not apporve,he wanted his son to marry a Lycan not a vampire"

"Yeh but what is that got to do with me" I asked desperately

"Everything" he said my eyes widened.............."you see when the Queen heard what the King of Lycans said, she and the prince flee, giving the thrown to me, I was like a dear friend"(I was shocked to know that the thrown didn't really belong to them...)" after that the war started between us, The Queen came back to help her people,and she did help but was killed by Lycans, the prince lives, he is the new King of Lycans, and Alcander is his Son" the king paused for a while....."What you have got to do with the Queen is are the Queen"he said seriously.

My heart stopped beating,breathing fast" I questioned not believing this, Zelman looked at me.

"I don't understand"i yelled

"You look like smell like her....her name was Willa too, you even taste like her, that is the reason I tasted your blood at your wedding......she died, I burned her body with my hands, my Brother and I knew and saw her.......he doesn't want you, if you and Zelman, the two Powerfull vampires are together then we can protect our people, you have come back to us after hundreds of years, but this time to protect your people not creating matters" the king finished.....

"I DON,T BELIVE THIS......THIS..IS BULLSHIT" I yelled, HOW CAN THIS BE...NO WAY...NO" I added furiously. Painful tears in my eyes.

"Willa its the are is ironic that you are born again with the same body, same taste of blood,same scent, this tells us that you are here to help your people, this gives you a chance to change things" retorted the King.

"I was shaking from fury"

"You are saying I have REBIRTHED" I asked stunned, trying hard to stop my tears.

"Yes!! you the same body, which is the thing that has shocked us all" answered the King looking at me calmly.

"This was too much to handle, my brain was numb, I felt like I was being punk'd, why are they doing this, Isn't this already enough that I am here as a hostage?" I thought.

"YOU ALL ARE LYING, IF YOU WANT TO TURN ME JUST FUCKING SAY SO" I bellowed, Zelman clenched his fists.

"Willa its the truth, you really are Her, and I Will be the One to wake you" said Zelman slowly, his eyes were showing the pain he was feeling, which I didn't know was real?

"NO..I...."tears streamed down my face. Enrique was looking at me his face glum.

"How should I believe this....I can't Zelman.....I am Willa just Willa an Orphan who has no family" I said woefully, Zelman frowned as I stood up and went out of the room, my legs shook as I ran down stairs, wiping my eyes I went out side, angry from myself, but deep inside something wanted me to believe it, "no way I am only 21 years old not 2000."
Thankfully no one was in the garden.....I sat there under a tree,hid my face in my hands crying my heart out.

"Why would the King lie to me?? What should I believe in?? I sat there for a long time, looking at the stars while tears escaped my head was hurting, today was too much for me to handle.....first Lestat tryed to Kill me, Mr hotshot getting pissed at me, then Lycan's, and now this, I was tired, hungry, angry, bleak, depressed, astound,.......

"I heard footsteps, looked up to see it was Enrique holding a tray of food, thank God I was starving. He sat beside me."

"Willa its true" he began in a convincing tone........"Zelman is not the one who brought me was you, 700 years ago when I was 17 you saved me from the Vampires, I mean the Queen, since then I Oath to help you forever, so did my family,.................when you died I was broken, my life had no passion, I had lost a sister, but after 200 years Zelman was born, a strong feeling brought me near him, telling me to help him.....and I did..I helped him bring you here."Enrique said his voice shaking, I was perplexed.

I stared at him not crying, Enrique stretched his palm a picture appeared in it, it was me the girl in the picture was me but she had long hair and was more beautiful than anyone I have ever seen, beside me was standing the king looking Handsome.

"How should I trust this,you are a Witch you can change or do anything" I said doubtfully, still looking at me in the picture. Enrique grinned.

"If we were lying to you, I already would've used Magic on you, but I didn't!!" he said matter of factly, looking at me carefully reading my face. We remained silent.

"I am hungry" I mumbled, he chuckled and brought the tray near me, I ate slowly the Pizza was cold but tasty.

"Enrique don't think that if I know the truth I will like Zelman, for me he still is a monster...the girl you guys say she was a monster too.......but I am not I am a human, and I like it this way" I said once I finished eating.

"As you wish,......but things will change" Enrique said standing up stretching his hand for me to stand up, the tray vanished.

"What will change??" I questioned and followed him.

"You will know, but I think this is too much for one day" he said as we started walking towards the Palace. Surely there was a bond between us, I mean I listened to him without crying or yelling, he didn't even use Magic, and brought peace in my heart, he stopped at the door of our room, we said farewell, he left, I opened the door and walked inside.
**********************ZELMAN's POV*************************
"She walked in looking downcast, I knew Enrique helped her, Willa changed in to her night gown and went to sleep...I went outside to get some fresh air, the air was good on my face, after a while I went inside the room.......Willa's eyes were closed, I exhaled, heading towards the bed stopped looking down at her.

"Why am I feeling like I am hurt??" I thought, Willa opened her eyes, we stared at each other for a while.

"You are awake" I snapped turning my expressions from soft to hatred. She sat up.

"Zelman.....please let me go....I want to go back to the Orphan age....this place Kills me....I beg you..." she begged tearing up.

"She wants to go back, somehow I was irritated"

"I cant........go back to sleep" I ordered, tears streamed down her face.....I sat on the edge of the bed, pushed her shoulder gently she layed back on the bed. Her heart beats were running fast, she was nervous, I placed my hand on her eyes, my touch gave her goosebumps.

"Go to sleep" I whispered, at once her breath became slow, I looked at her face, stood up left the room and went down stairs.

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